Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Sales!

I love yard sales. Really love them. Its probably an unhealthy obsession except having to drag along 6 children pretty much keeps it in check.

I had some time to kill after I dropped the kids off for school and before I had to be back for the elementary play so I decided to go to some yard sales to look for a baby swing. Malachi loves motion and we don't own a swing so I wanted to find one.

They had a swing at the very first yard sale I went to but she wanted $25 for it. Now, this isn't a bad price for a swing but I just didn't want to pay that much. I only had $10 cash on me although I was willing to put that down as a deposit and go get more money if I found a really great swing.

Anyway, I got back in the van and asked the Lord to provide a swing for the $10 I had in my purse. I went to several more sales but had no luck. I finally go to what will have to be my last sale before returning to the school. They had a swing but there was no price. I ask the lady what she wants for it. She asks what I'm willing to pay. I tell her I have $10 on me and she tells me she'll take $5!! $5! YEAH GOD!!!!

I also got this piece of fleece for $2 for a sewing project for myself.

All these clothes for Elijah and a pair of shoes for Lydia . . . $1.85. The outfit on the left is a suit for which I paid $.50. Oh yes, $.50 for the whole suit. Seriously. You can't beat that with a stick!

I got this Darth Vader costume for Elijah to play in around the house for $1.

Anybody wondering why I love yard sales? Have you found any good deals lately?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diaper Give-A-Way HEADS UP!!!

In my cloth diapering journey I have been on the look out for buying good cloth diapers on the cheap. I have found THIS give-a-way and purchased one of these diapers from Comfy Rumps. I'm excited to try it!! And if you have considered cloth diapering, head on over to Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveways and enter to win one yourself!!