Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hoping to leave around 8 PM to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving!! Woohooooooo!! I'm so ready!!!!
May you and yours have a great day!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Update

I know. Its been ages since I updated last. As previously posted, I'm pregnant and I just haven't felt up to getting online and blogging so please forgive!!!! And since there are too many things to update, I'm going to condense everything into a family update instead of trying to post for different subjects.

First, we are ALL looking forward to Thanksgiving as we will be driving from Illinois to Ohio to visit my mom and dad. It has been years since my entire immediate family has been able to go to Ohio at all, let alone for a Holiday. We are all looking forward to it. Especially Daniel. He is ready to get away.

Daniel is doing well. Work had slowed down quite a bit but things have picked back up for the Holiday rush. BUT, things will slow back down dramatically once we get back from Ohio for Thanksgiving. I'm very intimidated for how things will go in December and January as that is our "slow" time and things have already been slow leading up to those months but we are praying the Lord will provide. BUT, to help supplement the situation, PRAISE THE LORD, Daniel has several basketball games scheduled. He started officiating volleyball and basketball this year and he is really enjoying it. I know he is enjoying the basketball more than the volleyball but both provide a nice supplemental income for minimal time involvement. As of right now he has 4 games scheduled for December and hoping for more. He is also considering applying for a driving position with a different company. I'm praying that will work out if it is the Lord's will for us.

Abigail is thoroughly enjoying school. She has some struggle with not arguing with her teacher and being too bossy with her friends but she is having fun! I keep telling Daniel, "I would be bossy, too, if everybody obeyed me like her friends obey her!!!" We are trying to impress upon her that nobody ENJOYS being told what to do and that eventually her friends aren't going to want to play with her anymore but I think she might have to learn this life lesson the hard way. She was also struggling a bit with reading but we have doubled our homework time and the extra work is really paying off. She is so excited and is doing much better!!!!!

Elijah is still our stubborn soul of the family but he is coming along. Unfortunately, I think he is transitioning out of nap time which means no nap for Mommy!!! He really misses Abigail while she is at school. She is his buddy. He is still just as affectionate as ever and I love it on the rare occasions that he will sit still long enough to let mom love on him. He crawls into bed and lays down with me almost every morning and has finally learned to lie still so that I can go back to sleep if needed. He has also started asking questions about salvation. He isn't quite 4 so it is very early but it is always encouraging that they are showing some sort of interest in spiritual matters at any age.

Miss Lydia, age 2 and family comedian, is just as ornery as ever!!! She is a whiner and we're working on it!!!! She has very definite opinions about EVERYTHING and wants to control EVERY situation. I think life is going to get tougher for Lydia as she finds out that we truly don't have control of most things in our lives!! Hopefully she'll learn how to surrender that control over to God because its His whether she acknowledges it or not. Anyway, she is completely potty trained but now just can't be bothered with actually putting her pee pee in the potty so we are working on reminding her that going in her underwear is not acceptable. Miss Lydia is also a little cuddle bug and is constantly saying "Mommy, hold me". I think she will have a difficult time adjusting to the new babies.

That's right. I said BABIES. We are having twins. He saw 2 sacs on the ultrasound that confirmed we had not truly miscarried. The ultrasound following that, we were able to see both babies, see one heartbeat and hear BOTH heartbeats. The ultrasound following THAT one, we were able to see both heartbeats. There is just nothing like that. The doctor told me that the babies were developing so well that I could go 4 weeks between appointments this time, I had been going every 2 weeks, so I don't have another appointment until December 9th. We are going to take Abigail with us to that appointment so she can see the babies on the ultrasound.

I'm very intimidated by this whole "twin" thing and I'm afraid I could wax eloquently about all my fears if I allowed myself. I'm working on exercising great mind control so that I'm not constantly worrying about EVERYTHING that can go wrong and all the things that need to be worked out. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that we are going to need 2 of everything OR that when I come home from the hospital that I'm going to have to take care of 2 newborns along with the other 3 children. I was already intimidated at the thought of having one baby but now 2?! Our biggest prayer request is housing. We are currently in a 2 bedroom apartment and things are already very tight. We were going to make do with a 4th child but a 5th child? In one room? I don't know. We really need a house. It doesn't have to be a fancy house but we desperately need a third bedroom. Plus, with the banking situation and the economy right now . . . . . . . . .

We need a miracle!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Baby Baby News

Well, after the entire last week of being in mourning over losing our baby, we found out today that we did NOT lose the baby. It was simply to soon to see it on the ultrasound last week!!! Praise the Lord!!! I have another followup ultrasound on Monday just to confirm what we saw yesterday, but there is no reason to think there is anything wrong a this time. I will be very relieved once we see a heartbeat.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Additional Baby Updates

I go to the doctor again today after a blood test. He'll probably do another ultrasound to compare to the first ultrasound depending on what my hormone levels read. We don't know or understand everything that is happening and wish things could just be done. I guess just pray that we find out today what is going on with me. Things are just weird right now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update On The Baby

I had my ultrasound today and we had a very early miscarriage. Praying that I will pass the baby this week and avoid the runaround of blood tests and future ultrasounds. I want this to be over. Please pray for Daniel. He is devastated. I think it hasn't really hit me yet. I'm a bit numb.

Mom of three on earth and one in heaven.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yep - Its A Baby

We have another one on the way!! Not sure on the exact due date yet. I had some weird things going on this month so I have an ultrasound schedule for this coming Monday to check some things out. Pray that everything is okay and that approximately 9 months from now we have a healthy baby!!! #4 coming to a town near . . . . . . . ME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fundraiser Update

Abigail is D.O.N.E with her candy selling!!! She met her goal of 22 cases and will get ALL the prizes available except for the "top seller" prize but that is okay. I'm very proud of her for setting a goal and achieving it. I'm also happy for her that she'll get an American Girl doll as that is something that we would not have been willing to purchase for her. GOOD JOB, ABI!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Ettiquette

When somebody leaves a comment on one of your blog entries, what is the proper way to respond? Do you respond on your own blog and assume they'll come back and read it? Do you try to find their e-mail addy and respond that way? How does that work?!

Great Toothbrush For Small Children

I've gotta show you all this toothbrush which was recommended to me by a friend on cafemom. You can find them at Wal~Mart of somewhere around a buck a brush and my children are THRILLED with them. You push the up bottom of the toothbrush which causes the toothbrush to start flashing a little light. The light blinks for one minute. So, as long as the light blinks, they have to continue brushing their teeth! Wooohoooo!

What a wonderful invention!! OH - and CHEAP, too!!!
Dr. Fresh - Firefly Blinking Children's Toothbrush - 1 ea

So Jaded - My Commentary On The World

Many of you know that I'm a member of cafemom and I love love love it!!! It has been a tremendous help to me especially when I struggled so much with depression last year, or the last 18 months or so. BUT, I also have to be careful because the negative influence from cafemom can get to be a bit overwhelming sometimes. You can chose to interact with all different kinds of people and really get into their minds with some of the things they "say" there.

So, I made a mistake today. I posted a "question" about the Democrats and Joe Biden and how he feels that it is "patriotic" for the rich to be taxed higher and it is "fair" to tax them at a higher rate and give that money to the "poor" simply because they are "struggling". While that all sounds good and fine, it isn't Biblical at all!!! At least it isn't Biblical for the government to be TAKING the money and then redistributing the wealth. Anyway, I was so disheartened by how many moms out there are not only okay with that, but agree that it SHOULD happen. I'm so sad.

I don't care how "poor" I get in the eyes of this world, I don't WANT those who make more money than I to have to support me. What happened to working hard for a fair wage? What happened to being content with what you have? What happened to the "rich" giving of themselves to the "poor" simply because it is the right thing to do? I know. It sounds like a Utopian society but if the "rich" aren't willing to do those things on their own, they should NOT be robbed!!! Not by me or the federal government!!

It is no wonder Obama/Biden have so much support when they are holding out fists full of dollars toward a people who have no character or scruples whatsoever outside of thinking about themselves. This is not the America that my WWII veteran grandfather fought and bled for! This is not the America that my uncle gave his entire career for. This is an ugly America who has lost sight of what made her great to begin with - God, hard work, and personal integrity. I'm so saddened for the future of our country. She will collapse some day. And yet, I love her.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Is Almost There!!!

This is just unbelievable to me. I posted a little while ago about Abigail's school fund raiser having started and how bummed I was that we were going to have to try and sell $2 candy. WELL, my sister in law took it on as a project and has helped Abigail sell (to date) 16 cases of candy!!! WOW!! She was just planning on the doing the minimum, 4 cases, but then she found out that if she helps her sell a total of 22 cases, Abigail gets a $150 shopping spree at the American Girl store. So she is going to do it!!! I'm so happy for Abi and so thankful to my sister in law because Daniel and I would never be able to purchase an American Girl doll for Abi.

Here is what Abigail has won so far.

Fudge bar or ice cream sandwich
bag of chips
can of pop
sundae cone
casual clothes for one day (at school)
pizza party at Chicago Dough Co.
Chicago trip
Chicago trip plus $25 spending cash
Wisconsin/Chicago trip which includes Medieval Times, Jelly Belly Factory , animal farm and more!

In addition to that, she'll win the $150 shopping spree out of the American Girl catalog once she hits that magic 22 case mark!!

16 cases down - 6 more to go!!

The Invasion is Scheduled For TODAY!!!

The children are coming home today from Memaw and Pappy's house! I have mixed feelings. I'm ready to see them but OH MY SOUL it was so nice having the house to myself!! Boy they just keep you busy.

They did great at Memaw's house all week until this past Monday. Poor mom. Both of them got sick while there were there and she was up several nights with Lydia puking. Plus, they get up very very early at Mom and Dad's house so I know Mom has to be exhausted.

It sounds like Lydia has turned the corner with her potty training adventure and is now wearing big girl panties without peeing in them AND is getting up to go potty at night! Wooohoooooo!!! So, I'm excited at the thought that I may very well be completely out of diapers for the first time in 6 years!! What a wonderful feeling!!

Unfortunately, I was supposed to meet Mom and Dad halfway to pick up the kids on Friday but since our van is out of commission, they are driving all the way here today, staying in a hotel, and then driving back to Ohio tomorrow. I feel bad about that because I know Dad is going to be exhausted driving all day on his days off. But I praise God for such loving and generous parents. I would be lost without them.

Our Week - Deep Sigh

Weeeeell, it has been an interesting week here so far. I'm ready for the week to be over so we don't get hit by "bad thing" number 3#!! You know bad things ALWAYS happen in threes!!!!

Daniel had a volleyball game he was going to referee this past Tuesday. So, long story short, he took the van to work with him. So, he is driving probably 75 MPH up the highway when the van just slips out of gear. No warning. No nothing. Mind you, our van is only 4 years old and has less than 60,000 miles. So he has to pull over to the side of the highway and we are anticipating the mechanic to tell us today that we are going to have to purchase a new transmission. Very discouraging as we are just getting back on our feet financially. Daniel was a horrid crabby mess and I had to be the "reasonable" one which is frustrating.

But you know what? I'm not worried. We don't have the option to borrow money and we don't have the money to pay to fix it but I am confident it will work out. Daniel and I are doing our part right now and I just feel like I'm sitting here just eagerly anticipating seeing how God is going to take care of it. There is such freedom in knowing you are handling your finances according to Biblical standards. I'm almost excited to see how this is all going to fall out. I'm praying for God to take care of it. He knows what is going on with us, how we are trying to honor Him, and I have the faith of a mustard see that He will take care of it! (help mine unbelief! LOL)

So, I get another crabby call from Daniel yesterday. He received a traffic ticket while working yesterday. YIPPY SKIPPY!!! So that is another $75 we have to come up with in 2 weeks. BUT, again, God is in control and I have no doubt our faith is being tested right now.

I am praying that my faith and Daniel's faith will be strengthened by these things and that Daniel will see the power of God in this. ( ME TOO!)

Praise the Lord for He is Good - ALL THE TIME!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Knew There Was a Reason I Should Have Had Dogs Instead of Children

Most of you know my children are at my parent's house for at least two weeks and I'm just loving it! I'm such a bad mom, I guess, because I'm just giddy with all this time to myself!! Abigail is still here but she is at school until noon which leaves me all morning for ME ME ME!!! Everybody I talk to is just astonished that I would allow my children to be gone from me so long but, wow, I'm just having a great time!! Abigail is getting all sorts of special priveledges and she doesn't even realize it. I'm completely enjoying my uninterrupted cafemom time. Plus, I'm getting the work done I planned on. So, why should I feel bad?! The children are having the time of their lives at Memaw's house. Elijah planted a popcorn kernal hoping to grow a "nut tree". He is frustrated that it won't grow! Miss Lydia is doing great going potty for Memaw even though she has on her "big girl" panties, something she wouldn't do for Momma.

So, I guess I'm just a bad mom because I think this extended visit is a wonderful thing all around!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Organizing - Part 2

Children's room done! 2 days, 1 room. Ummm . . . . . . . not so good but at least I wasn't on cafemom all day!!! Now about that laundry . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Few Goals

Elijah and Lydia are staying at Memaw and Pappy's house for at least the next two weeks so I have a couple of goals. The biggest is that I want to get my apartment completely cleaned, purged and reorganized MINUS the two smallest rugrats!!! Goodness they can just tear up anything!! So, I'm going to clean then do closets, purge toys, blankets, old towels, sheets and even stuff on the walls if it is taking up living space!! LOL Who knows?! Then, I'm going to rearrange the furniture to give the children some more playing room in their bedroom. Next, is list my treadmill on craigslist to make room for my Gazelle that Mom gave to me while I was home. (Gazelle takes up less space than the treadmill.) That is a big goal but I have two weeks without Elijah and Lydia underfoot to hinder my progress.

My next goal is to get back to reading my Bible faithfully. For some reason, I was doing great for a long time. I even made it through the Mosaic Laws and Job. Then I hit Psalms!! Can somebody explain to me why I got hung up in the book of Psalms?! I've always been a strange bird! So, I'm recommitting myself to having my Bible time again.

My third goal is to make time to exercise. I have 2 weeks to get myself into the habit before the little ones get back home and I think I'll enjoy the Gazelle.

Fourth, um . . . . . . . . . . , cafemom and blogging!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kelly's Mexican Mixture

Anybody that knows me REALLY well knows that recipes are just suggestions and I'm not afraid to play around and create my own food minus the recipe. So, I threw this together one evening and it has become a family favorite. There are a couple minor variations through out that you can play with to suit your family's preferences. This recipe yields A LOT. My family will eat this for a meal one night and then snack on it for several days afterwards.

Cook 3 cups of rice and set to the side.

Brown your choice of meat (I use ground turkey but you could use chicken cubes or beef) adding one package of powered taco seasoning and powdered enchilada seasoning. (Both can be found CHEAP at Aldi) DO NOT FOLLOW PACKAGE DIRECTIONS. Just dump 'em in once meat has been drained. Add one can of drained corn and a small jar of either queso or generic cheese dip also found at Aldi. If you like your food a little spicier, use the queso. Add a large jar of mild, medium or hot salsa per your family's preference. Stir occasionally until warm. Set aside.

At this point I like to fry (no need to add butter when frying) the rice along with a small jar of either diced tomatoes or "diced tomatoes with chiles" if you like more "kick". The rice will brown slightly. When hot, dump the rice in with the meat mixture.

I serve this with nacho chips and use it kind of like a "dip" or hubby likes it scooped onto a soft tortilla.

Let me know if you try it and like it.

Ohio State Buckeyes

I thought I would post my first recipe of many as the holiday season is approaching. And being an Ohio Girl, I'm posting an Ohio tradition as our state tree is the Buckeye Tree. If this is NOT on your "holiday treat" list, you need to add it. I promise it will become a family favorite!

Mix together 3 cups creamy peanut butter, 1 1/2 sticks melted butter, and 2 pounds confectioner's sugar. (Yeh - I know! Nothing "skinny" about this one!!) Form into small balls. Using a toothpick, dip balls into 16 oz melted dipping chocolate until almost covered, leaving some of the peanut butter mixture exposed on the top. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Journey to Fuzzy Fish

Several years ago, our church gave a goldfish to all the children who rode the bus that day. My child had ridden the bus with Daddy so Miss Abigail received a fish. Oh, yes. That fateful day we began what I will call our Journey to The Fuzzy Fish.

Now, I did not WANT the fish. But Daddy felt it was harmless to allow Abigail to keep this free goldfish so we soon became the proud owners of a 2 gallon fish tank. The deal was that I would not have to clean the tank nor be the one responsible for feeding the fabulous fish. Good luck with that.

Alas, the fabulous fish arrived at its inevitable appointment with The Great Flushing Bowl. You guessed it. It died. Of course, now we have this 2 gallon tank and no more fabulous fish to fill it! So, Nana ever so graciously decides to give us 2 more fabulous fish. These fish were a hearty breed and grew and grew and grew. Whoever stated that a fish never outgrows it's environment either lied or wasn't the one caring for the fish! So, the two new fabulous fish soon were named Moby and Dick because of rapid growth. Also, because of this rapid growth, we had to switch out fish tanks to something bigger.

Now, let me fast forward a few years. Moby and Dick are still alive. They are huge and they refuse to die. Other fabulous fish have come and gone, but I believe Moby and Dick are here to stay!

But there is one thing I haven't told you about Moby and Dick - they are carnivores and I'm emotionally traumatized by the experience! Every time we have a fabulous fish fall ill, Moby and Dick speed along the dying process by eating it! Really - truly gross. They would start at one end of our tank (now a 20 gallon tank) and swim toward the fast failing fabulous fish and take a bite along the way until the failing fabulous fish was removed from the tank for it's inevitable appointment with The Great Flushing Bowl. Really - truly gross.

As I sit here typing this story of The Journey to the Fuzzy Fish, I'm trying to ignore Moby and Dick as they take bites out of our latest victim, Scum the scum sucker. Scum died several days ago but has yet to be removed from the fabulous fish tank. His carcass, formerly black, is now hollow, fuzzy and gray with decay and constant nibbles from the very hearty, carnivorous, Moby and Dick. Deep sigh. So much for not having to take care of the fabulous fish.

Fundraiser Starts At School

So, it begins! I have been dreading it! I was permanently emotionally scarred in high school because of all the fund raisers I had to participate in. Even before I birthed my first child, I DREADED the fund raisers that I knew would be coming once she hit school age.

Its here. Fund raiser starts today. I don't even know what we are selling since Abigail was home sick from school yesterday and today. I know it is a $2 "thing" this year instead of just $1 which I really hate. But what can you do? So, we are off to sell "something". UGH!! Hope Daddy is ready to take Abigail door to door!!! I did my time!!!

Miss Lydia

This is Miss Lydia (AKA Miss Thing) on the first day of school. She HAD to have 2 ponies in her hair because Abigail had 2 ponies in HER hair!

Elijah - My Little Man

This was Abi's first day of school. She was so excited. She also lost a tooth that morning.

Family Overview

Things are moving along for our family right now. We are very busy as usual but it is a good busy, most of the time!

Daniel is still working for NuWay Transportation. He has been there for just over a year and we are very happy with this company and his hours. He still works 50-60 hours a week but at least he is working during the day now instead of nighttime. He has also recently just starting working as a volleyball referee and will be getting his patch to do basketball games any time now. He had his first volleyball game last night and really enjoyed himself. He works hard and deserves this time as a referee. I think it will be good for him.

I am still staying home with the children. I have good days and bad days!!! Being a Mom is just hard work, although there are many rewards. I have been trying to acquire some students for piano and saxophone lessons but God has not seen fit to provide any students as of yet. I'm SO ready for fall to settle in and stay! I'm ready to turn off my air conditioning (thus seeing the electric bill shrink) and opening my windows for some fresh, crisp air!! Farmer's Almanac says we are supposed to have a very long and cold winter. I say BRING IT ON!!! NOW!!!

Abigail is 5 and will be 6 in about a month. She started Kindergarten this year and boy is she excited!! She asks me almost every night if she gets to go to school tomorrow and when I say "yes" she cheers. Goofy kid! We'll see how long before I'm fighting her to get out of bed!!! She is excited because she will be doing simple reading by Christmas. Abi is a very pleasant child who aims to please. She is very tenderhearted and made a profession of faith this year which pleased us all. Abigail is my favorite 5 year old little girl in the whole world!

Elijah is 3 and will be 4 in December. Goodness! He is so mischievous I think I could fill an entire page just about him!!! At the least, he keeps me busy. He is very strong willed and in the words of Frank Sinatra "I did it MY way!" I think that is his life motto!! He misses Abigail very much while she is away at school. I didn't realize how much she directed their play until she was gone! He is a busy little man with very definite ideas about how things should be done but he is my lover!! He is always ready for hugs and cuddles and kisses. He loves his momma very much. If only I could channel that love to motivate him to obey!! He is getting better and requiring less and less discipline nowadays. I feel like we "turned a corner" with him about 4-6 weeks ago but he still has his moments. He is my favorite little man.

Miss Lydia is 1 and will be 2 in about 5 weeks. What do I say about this little one? Goodness she is just a kick! She is funny. Her expressions are quirky and unique. She is strong willed but we started working with her at a much younger age than Elijah so we were able to correct her behavior more easily. She is typically very happy and talks extremely well. She is speaking in full sentences and using pronouns properly which is just astounding me to no end. She provides a lot of entertainment with her quirky and silly mannerisms. She is momma's best buddy right now and doesn't like to be away from me. She is supposed to go for an extended visit with Memaw soon and we'll see how that goes. Our big challenge with her right now is potty training. She does wonderful at home as long as she doesn't have any panties on!!! Put panties on and she thinks she has a license to piddle! We're working on it but I'm very happy with her progress.

Church is wonderful as usual. We are very involved and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm enjoying being more involved in the music ministry with doing some arrangements for the adult choir. I recently acquired a new music program on my computer (thanks mom) that will allow me to create 4 part vocals and piano accompaniments for the arrangements I've already done and any future arrangements. I also need to get the song that Daniel wrote arranged and on paper. We are in the middle of our Fall Program with a military theme right now. We are on the 82nd Airborne team and things aren't looking so good after week one! Daniel is still running his bus route which picks up approximately 40 children and brings them to Sunday School every week. The family is also back to conducting a service at a local nursing home again. I play the piano and Daniel preaches. The children also sing specials for the residents. Lydia and Elijah aren't shy at all but Abigail struggles. This Saturday she sang for the first time. She selected Jesus Loves Me.

Please stay tuned as more "stuff" will be showing up in days to come.

Happy in serving the Lord,