Friday, July 22, 2011

Phoebe's Surgery

We found out on Friday the 15th that Phoebe would need surgery to release her trigger thumb. This wasn't a surprise as Elijah had his trigger thumb surgically released when he was 18 months old. We scheduled the surgery for Thursday the 21st. I did great with the whole thing until about 8 PM on the 20th.

Then I started worrying. Such a minor surgery but to go under anesthesia and take those risks? WHAT IF SHE NEVER WOKE UP?

At 3:30 AM the morning of the surgery, I finally climbed into bed with Phoebe to try and get some sleep before 6 AM. Every time she flip-flopped around in the bed I would pray that God would allow us to have her back when the surgery was over.

We get up around 6 and give her the required pre-surgery bath.

We had taken the me-me (pacifier) away about 5 days ago but Daddy went and bought her a new one at WalMart the night before. We couldn't bear to send her off to surgery without her me-me.

Then I dressed her in my one of my favorite dresses before we headed off to the hospital around 7:50.

We arrived at the hospital right on time to find Preacher had beaten us there and was waiting for us in the waiting room. We fellowshipped a bit and everyone was having a good time (even Malachi) until they called us back to get her ready for the surgery.

Preacher prayed for us, Phoebe and the medical staff and said his goodbyes while Daniel took Phoebe off to the surgical unit.

She was so cute when Malachi and I were finally allowed to join them. I loved her little surgical gown and new socks!

She was happy with her new "pretty bracelet", coloring, and watching TV.

While holding her, I realized Dr. Muhammed (Dr. KERMIT Muhammed . . . .cracks me up) had already been in to mark her thumb to insure he operated on the correct one! YEAH for double checking!!! (Dr. Muhammed had also done Elijah's trigger thumb release.)

The nurse, who wasn't very good with children, came in a short time later to give her an oral sedative/relaxer. After just a few minutes, she was VERY relaxed. No more playing for her!!

Next came the anesthesiologist to see if we had any questions. I loved her!! Her bedside manner completely made up for what was lacking in our nurse's bedside manner.

The anesthesiologist carried Phoebe away as we walked the opposite direction to the waiting room. I had a difficult time when she started crying. She had been SO GOOD to this point. But off we went.

It was about 40 minutes from the time we left the pre-op area to the time we met with Dr. Muhammed after the surgery. It was maybe another hour before we were actually allowed to see her which scared me to death. I just kept waiting for them to let us know she had come out of the anesthesia. I think that was harder for me than the surgery time. Eventually they called us back and she was happy to have Daddy hold her.

She was also very happy to get some juice after fasting from dinner the night before!! She sucked down the entire sippy cup full without stopping for a breath.

She wasn't so happy when we tried to take the cup away and give her a cookie!!

Eventually she settled in and watched some Word World until it was time to take her home.

We kept asking her questions such as "do you want a drink", "do you want a cookie", and "do you want to watch tv" while in the recovery room. She kept shaking her head "no" until we asked her if she was ready to see Sofie, who had spent the night elsewhere. At that point she verbalized and said "uh-huh"!!! The longest they had ever been apart was about an hour and half so they were both VERY happy to see one another after about 16 hours of separation.

She is doing fantastic 2 days post surgery. We've already had to take her to the surgeon's office to get her soft cast re-wrapped. (Keeping bandage DRY and on a 2 year old is no small task!!) Thankfully, they didn't wrap her all the way up to the shoulder this time. They put a shorter one on her and she has movement at the elbow and fingers, although its somewhat restricted at her hand.

I'm thankful God protected her and guided the doctors . . . . . . . . and I hope we don't ever have to do this again with any of the other children!!! I don't think Mommy can deal with it!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back On The Wagon

I'm back on the running wagon. Took a 2 month hiatus which I feel badly about. But we're back on. Still hoping to run that 5K in October but I'm truly terrified I'll fail. That is why this is so important for me. My whole life I've avoided situations where I wasn't confident I would succeed. I didn't major in music on college. I didn't run track in High School. I didn't take advanced math in high school. I didn't play volleyball in high school. I look back and see many things I avoided due to lack of confidence and fear of failure. At the age of 34, I'm using this 5K training to TRY and prove to myself I can do "it". Anything. Its very difficult. The running isn't so horribly difficult. That gets better every day. Literally. But the mental training is much more difficult than the physical.

This probably sounds silly to others. That's okay. I'm trying to overcome worrying about what others think, too. So today my time and distance was 1.71 miles in 28 minutes. Week 3 Day 5 is Done!!!