Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Organization

On the schedule today is taking the kids to school, the usual housework (laundry, floors, putting away), making a bag, baby sitting, and my "MUST DO" of the day is get together a daily/weekly/monthly Chore List/Schedule for myself and the children. I feel like I just never have it all together. The bathroom rugs need to be done or the sheets need changed or my desk needs purged . . . AGAIN. So today I will make a master list of tasks and organize them by the day, week, month and year.

Anyone who wants to chime in with their cleaning schedule and purging routine, I would LOVE to hear it!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bus Visiting

After 8 months of Daniel not being a bus captain . . . . . . . WE'RE BACK!!!! This is our third week back on visiting the bus and I'm GRATEFUL!

I think we needed the break. I think it made us both appreciate the bus ministry more and appreciate the fact that it is a privilege to work the bus route, not a duty. We have found the joy again and its GOOD! We are also now picking up children from 3 different houses where we used to pick up the parent on the bus.

If you are so inclined, please pray we'll be able to get those parents to come back to church and back to God.

So with much joy, all 8 of us are getting ready this morning and loading up to go visit all the bus kiddos! Praying for a big day on the bus tomorrow!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Version Of Chicken Pot Pie

Made some home made pot pie the other day and took pictures so for those who are interested, here goes.

I used to boil my chicken in water and use the water to make the gravy for the pies but I don't do that anymore. I start by frying my chicken on top of the stove (in some butter but you could use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) until mostly done.

While frying the chicken I boil potatoes that have been peeled and cut into bite sized pieces.

Once the chicken is mostly done, add flour until all the butter and juice from the chicken has been absorbed and makes a thick paste. Stir the chicken and paste to slightly brown the flour paste.

Once you have browned the flour (maybe 3 or 4 minutes of constant stirring), add milk. I don't know how much. Once you add the milk, you can add more if its too thick or add more flour or
cornstarch if its too runny. This creates a "gravy" of sorts for the filling of your pot pie. You want
it to be on the runny side because it will thicken up as it bakes and you don't want it to be too dry
once its done. Add salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. You can also add onions or onion powder to taste.

At this point, add all your fillings. I cheated when I made mine last and just added a bag of frozen vegetables, cheese and the cooked potatoes. I LIKE to do fresh carrots, celery and whatever else you like but I was in a time crunch. Stir it all together and spoon into a pie crust. I usually home make my pie crust but I bought the roll out crusts from the store this time, again, to save myself some time. Very busy day.

Place your 2nd pie crust on top and trim the excess dough from around the sides of your pie tin.

At this point you can pinch your edges to create that fancy fluting but I've never been able to master that so I use the edge of a fork to seal my edges.

I then cut 4 slits in my top and use the excess pastry and a cookie cutter to make a cute embellishment on the top of my pie. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Usually takes about an hour "ish".

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unexpected Blessings At Unexpected Times

There are some who are going to think this is an awful post but this isn't so much about me as it is about bragging on my God.

When I found out I was pregnant with Malachi, I wasn't excited. Then Daniel started a new job where he was gone Monday-Friday, sometimes working Saturdays and I REALLY wasn't excited. I was basically raising 5 children on my own and I was already overwhelmed. I didn't get married and have children to do it all by myself. Add into that a "new" house that needed to be unpacked while I wasn't allowed to lift anything and trying to train and discipline 5 children . . . well, all I could see was another thing to do with a newborn. Breastfeeding is time consuming. Getting up in the middle of the night for feedings is exhausting, especially when you are driving children to and from school 3 times a day, including half day kindergarten.

I did NOT want this baby. At all. Sure, I knew I would love this baby but I was completely unable to see any joy forthcoming with his arrival. I already felt like I was drowning. How was I going to add a newborn to the mix?

The pregnancy was really difficult. I don't know if is because my body was just coming off a twin pregnancy or if it was because I'm getting older or because it was my 5th pregnancy or just a combination of all those things but it was the hardest singleton pregnancy ever. Falling flat on my abdomen during my ninth month while taking out the trash in the rain didn't help. Neither did the fact that my husband was 7 hours away when it happened. How in the world was I going to do this?

Then it came time to give birth.

With all my previous children, I have requested they be cleaned up a bit before they are given to me immediately following birth. For some reason, I didn't even think about this with Malachi. So upon his arrival they sat him on my chest. I'm so grateful I forgot.

I was in love. This screaming, icky, squirming, slimy little thing was mine and he needed me and it was wonderful.

Since his birth, he has brought inexpressible joy to our home. We NEEDED this baby. I NEEDED this baby. He is so happy. He is delightful. He is well loved. And God is good.

Since he has been born, Daniel's work schedule has changed and he is home more. I have more help with the children and I did need that. But even if he were still on that horrible, crummy schedule, I would still be grateful for God's foresight in giving us Malachi. He is a fabulous nurser. He is a good sleeper. He is content to watch the older children running around the house like idiots. I'll check on him in his play seat and he'll have dosed off only to check on him a few minutes later and he'll be happily watching all the activity again. He has enriched our lives so much and I can't imagine our lives now without him. The only word I can use to describe Malachi is "happy".

The only word I can think of to describe Malachi's Mommy is grateful. I'm grateful for Malachi. I'm grateful for a God who knows what we need before we have even considered it. I'm grateful for unexpected blessings at unexpected times.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Phoebe's Surgery

We found out on Friday the 15th that Phoebe would need surgery to release her trigger thumb. This wasn't a surprise as Elijah had his trigger thumb surgically released when he was 18 months old. We scheduled the surgery for Thursday the 21st. I did great with the whole thing until about 8 PM on the 20th.

Then I started worrying. Such a minor surgery but to go under anesthesia and take those risks? WHAT IF SHE NEVER WOKE UP?

At 3:30 AM the morning of the surgery, I finally climbed into bed with Phoebe to try and get some sleep before 6 AM. Every time she flip-flopped around in the bed I would pray that God would allow us to have her back when the surgery was over.

We get up around 6 and give her the required pre-surgery bath.

We had taken the me-me (pacifier) away about 5 days ago but Daddy went and bought her a new one at WalMart the night before. We couldn't bear to send her off to surgery without her me-me.

Then I dressed her in my one of my favorite dresses before we headed off to the hospital around 7:50.

We arrived at the hospital right on time to find Preacher had beaten us there and was waiting for us in the waiting room. We fellowshipped a bit and everyone was having a good time (even Malachi) until they called us back to get her ready for the surgery.

Preacher prayed for us, Phoebe and the medical staff and said his goodbyes while Daniel took Phoebe off to the surgical unit.

She was so cute when Malachi and I were finally allowed to join them. I loved her little surgical gown and new socks!

She was happy with her new "pretty bracelet", coloring, and watching TV.

While holding her, I realized Dr. Muhammed (Dr. KERMIT Muhammed . . . .cracks me up) had already been in to mark her thumb to insure he operated on the correct one! YEAH for double checking!!! (Dr. Muhammed had also done Elijah's trigger thumb release.)

The nurse, who wasn't very good with children, came in a short time later to give her an oral sedative/relaxer. After just a few minutes, she was VERY relaxed. No more playing for her!!

Next came the anesthesiologist to see if we had any questions. I loved her!! Her bedside manner completely made up for what was lacking in our nurse's bedside manner.

The anesthesiologist carried Phoebe away as we walked the opposite direction to the waiting room. I had a difficult time when she started crying. She had been SO GOOD to this point. But off we went.

It was about 40 minutes from the time we left the pre-op area to the time we met with Dr. Muhammed after the surgery. It was maybe another hour before we were actually allowed to see her which scared me to death. I just kept waiting for them to let us know she had come out of the anesthesia. I think that was harder for me than the surgery time. Eventually they called us back and she was happy to have Daddy hold her.

She was also very happy to get some juice after fasting from dinner the night before!! She sucked down the entire sippy cup full without stopping for a breath.

She wasn't so happy when we tried to take the cup away and give her a cookie!!

Eventually she settled in and watched some Word World until it was time to take her home.

We kept asking her questions such as "do you want a drink", "do you want a cookie", and "do you want to watch tv" while in the recovery room. She kept shaking her head "no" until we asked her if she was ready to see Sofie, who had spent the night elsewhere. At that point she verbalized and said "uh-huh"!!! The longest they had ever been apart was about an hour and half so they were both VERY happy to see one another after about 16 hours of separation.

She is doing fantastic 2 days post surgery. We've already had to take her to the surgeon's office to get her soft cast re-wrapped. (Keeping bandage DRY and on a 2 year old is no small task!!) Thankfully, they didn't wrap her all the way up to the shoulder this time. They put a shorter one on her and she has movement at the elbow and fingers, although its somewhat restricted at her hand.

I'm thankful God protected her and guided the doctors . . . . . . . . and I hope we don't ever have to do this again with any of the other children!!! I don't think Mommy can deal with it!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back On The Wagon

I'm back on the running wagon. Took a 2 month hiatus which I feel badly about. But we're back on. Still hoping to run that 5K in October but I'm truly terrified I'll fail. That is why this is so important for me. My whole life I've avoided situations where I wasn't confident I would succeed. I didn't major in music on college. I didn't run track in High School. I didn't take advanced math in high school. I didn't play volleyball in high school. I look back and see many things I avoided due to lack of confidence and fear of failure. At the age of 34, I'm using this 5K training to TRY and prove to myself I can do "it". Anything. Its very difficult. The running isn't so horribly difficult. That gets better every day. Literally. But the mental training is much more difficult than the physical.

This probably sounds silly to others. That's okay. I'm trying to overcome worrying about what others think, too. So today my time and distance was 1.71 miles in 28 minutes. Week 3 Day 5 is Done!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Sales!

I love yard sales. Really love them. Its probably an unhealthy obsession except having to drag along 6 children pretty much keeps it in check.

I had some time to kill after I dropped the kids off for school and before I had to be back for the elementary play so I decided to go to some yard sales to look for a baby swing. Malachi loves motion and we don't own a swing so I wanted to find one.

They had a swing at the very first yard sale I went to but she wanted $25 for it. Now, this isn't a bad price for a swing but I just didn't want to pay that much. I only had $10 cash on me although I was willing to put that down as a deposit and go get more money if I found a really great swing.

Anyway, I got back in the van and asked the Lord to provide a swing for the $10 I had in my purse. I went to several more sales but had no luck. I finally go to what will have to be my last sale before returning to the school. They had a swing but there was no price. I ask the lady what she wants for it. She asks what I'm willing to pay. I tell her I have $10 on me and she tells me she'll take $5!! $5! YEAH GOD!!!!

I also got this piece of fleece for $2 for a sewing project for myself.

All these clothes for Elijah and a pair of shoes for Lydia . . . $1.85. The outfit on the left is a suit for which I paid $.50. Oh yes, $.50 for the whole suit. Seriously. You can't beat that with a stick!

I got this Darth Vader costume for Elijah to play in around the house for $1.

Anybody wondering why I love yard sales? Have you found any good deals lately?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diaper Give-A-Way HEADS UP!!!

In my cloth diapering journey I have been on the look out for buying good cloth diapers on the cheap. I have found THIS give-a-way and purchased one of these diapers from Comfy Rumps. I'm excited to try it!! And if you have considered cloth diapering, head on over to Cloth Diaper Contests & Giveways and enter to win one yourself!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 3, Day 2

Run is DONE!! 1.81 in 30 minutes. Not setting any records today but the deed is done. I wonder why some days it feels good and other days its so hard.

Cloth Diapering Progress

Why did I switch to cloth diapers especially when my husband is more than will to pay for disposable diapers for the twins and Malachi? I don't really know. They have intrigued me ever since I started looking at them about 4 years ago. I had decided to try them when I was potty training Lydia but when I found out my next child was actually twins, I decided against it.

But a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge.

How is it going? WONDERFUL!!!

I was skeptical. But when a friend offered to sell me her stash for a great price, I decided to do it. If I hated it I wouldn't be "out" much. But I really love it. Its so easy and its really isn't that much more work. I'm using fitted diapers with vinyl panties as covers for the twins. I have a couple pockets diapers that I like and 3 Bumkins All-In-Ones that I really love. But even using the traditional pre-fold with a water proof cover is really no big deal and I can't believe the money we are saving!

What about the poop? Well, there is a good and bad. Poop is never fun. And I don't know about you but my twins blow out their disposables very regularly. A disposable doesn't really absorb runny feces very well. Basically a disposable just tries to contain it, of sorts. But a cloth diaper actually absorbs the runny feces leaving only the solid waste that gets dumped into the toilet. No MORE BLOW OUTS WITH CLOTH DIAPERS!! And with a breast fed baby, their poo is water soluble and there is no need to even dump anything in the potty. That is the good side.

The bad side is that poop is poop is poop and its just a part of life. So to compensate for dumping poo in the toilet, I'm going to buy a sprayer that attaches to the toilet so I can spray the poo off the diapers. Problem solved.

Is your washer stinky? Not at all!!! I do a pre-rinse, wash and then another rinse . . . DONE!!! Some cloth diapering mommas leave their diapers sit for 2 or 3 days before they wash them but I'm just doing one small load of diapers every evening before bed, stick them in the dryer and they are ready to go again by morning.

Why didn't I do this 6 children ago?

Friday, April 29, 2011


Today was a good run! I know I said I wasn't going to obsess about time but I felt like pushing myself today. (I know. For some of you veteran runners this is nothing to blog about!) BUT I did 1.9 miles in 30 minutes today. My previous best was 1.82. I'm REALLY ready to do 2 miles in 30 minutes. Today my first mile was completed in 15:48. I would like to be able to do the first mile in 15 since it includes my 5 minute warm up walk which is basically the first quarter mile. Today it was .26 in the first 5 minutes. So I'm doing 3/4 of a mile in about 10 minutes. I'm good with that.

I would love to know how far I ran the very first time I did Couch to 5K. I don't think I quite made it to a mile that very first time. I know this might not be a big deal to some but I'm just so excited that I'm getting healthier! Its exciting to SEE results, especially since I don't own a scale and have no idea if I'm losing any weight or not! And every time I run my children are fighting about who gets to run on the treadmill when mom is done. I'm so encouraged to think that they will grow up thinking exercise is normal and something you just DO. I HOPE when they are grown they are striving to be healthy.

And it starts with Mom.

No one will tell me it can't be done. No one will convince me they CAN'T exercise, barring any legitimate physical hindrances. I have 6 children ages 8 and under. I have a newborn. I have 22 month old twins. My husband isn't home Mon-Fri. It CAN be done and I WILL DO IT! My laundry might be in a pile but I will get healthy!

First 5K in October!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Review of Seven Slings LLC

I recently received a coupon for a free baby sling from Seven Everyday Slings at www.sevenslings.com. I was excited about this because a baby carrier of some sort has become an absolute necessity since Malachi was born. Its impossible to keep my hands on the twins AND carry Malachi when I am out and about in public so I've been looking into slings. I thought this coupon was a God send!! All I had to pay was shipping and handling. Cool.

Or not.

I get to the website and the slings are cute. And then I notice there are sizes for these slings. How do I know what size to order? Someone was very clever and included a tape measure that you could print off and even explained how to measure yourself so you would know what size to order. I did this and meticulously followed the directions and selected my color of choice in the appropriate size. I get to the "checkout" and I'm shocked to see that shipping and handling is $11.95!!! Seriously?! You could ship a sling to Japan for less than $11.95! But I decided to go ahead and order it because $11.95 is cheap for a sling . . . if it works.

Then I notice you can't return your product if its the wrong size unless you pay extra. Really? Well, I decided to pay extra. I little voice in the back of my head is telling me this sling isn't going to fit but I kept arguing with the voice because I used THEIR tape measure and followed THEIR directions!!

I was super excited when I promptly received my sling in the mail as promised. I pulled it out and noticed the exchange directions on the packaging. WOW!!! You needed a PHD in rocket science to accurately return the product if it didn't fit. And, of course, when I put the sling on and tried to put my newborn in it, it didn't fit. Great. So I do my best to follow the myriad of directions so they'll accept my return and requested a sling 2 sizes bigger than their measuring chart said I needed and I crossed my fingers hoping I did everything correctly.

Miracle of miracles, I received an e-mail several days later stating that my return had been accepted and the exchanged size would be shipped out shortly. Wonderful!!

Maybe not. I get the new sling and its still too small. And even though I paid extra to return it and paid $11.95 for shipping and handling for a scrap of material, the return policy states you can only exchange your sling one time. So I paid over $15 for a sling I can't use.

My advice, do not order this product. Its too expensive. The material is very stiff and looks like something I could whip together in 25 minutes on my own machine. The return policy is incredibly complicated and the sizing chart is WAY OFF. I promise, you can NOT have breasts and use this product.

Thumbs down for Seven Everyday Slings. :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 2, Day 3

Is been hard to find time to run. I was three days between runs this time. I hate that. I try to commit to myself that I won't go two days in a row but we spent 5 hours at the zoo Saturday and then left at 8 AM Sunday and didn't get back home until 9 PM. Yesterday was insanely busy. I think I had two hours between 7 AM and 9 PM that I wasn't doing something for somebody, running here and there and doing this and that. I was zapped by the time I fed Malachi at 9 last night. So I had promised myself I wouldn't go to sleep today until I got my run in. Its in!!!

When I started Couch to 5K last year in June (I think) my goal was to simply complete the program. Then I decided I wanted to actually run in a 5K race. I still want to. But then I started obsessing about time and running faster. Let's face it. I've carried 6 children within my body. I've had thyroid problems. I'm overweight. I'm trying to squeeze in a running program along with running my home without my husband Mon-Fri. I'm probably not going to be a fast runner. I probably need to set my sights back on just finishing. So today I decided to do my run at a comfortable pace, pushing myself a little but allowing myself to enjoy the run for what it is instead of trying to run farther each day than I did the day before.

It was good. And when it was over, I still ran 1.75 miles in 30 minutes. I'm okay with that. This time last year I couldn't run even a half mile. I'm healthier. I'm down 50 pounds from this time 2 years ago. There are a lot of moms that don't exercise at all.

While I still am going to keep track of my progress, I'm going to refocus and cut myself a little slack. I'm going to complete my running program and do my best to run every day. If I miss a day, it isn't the end of the world and I'll try not to miss 2 days in a row. But I'm going to be content with that and let the rest come as it may . . . or not.

October 5K . . . watch out because this momma of 6 just might run with a baby strapped to her back!! LOL

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 2, Day 2

I didn't run last night. Hate it when I do that but I was zapped. Its so hard to find time to exercise with the twins and Malachi. Harder than I thought it would be. And by the time I do everything I need to do, I'm too tired at night. But I committed to myself a while when I started this last year that if I missed one day I wouldn't beat myself up. But I will not miss a second day in a row. So it was run tonight or else! (Or else what, I do not know . . . .) Tonight was HARD. I ran the shortest distance since I started last week and it was just super hard. So, no more slacking. I'm running every day whether I like it or not!!! And I HAVE to run before 5 and 6 PM. I will run my first 5K this year!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week 2, Day 1

So today the training programs bumps up a touch and I still did 1.83 miles in 30 minutes. My first mile was done in 16:15. YEAH ME!!!!!!

Scarecrow Scramble in October!

Coming Toward the End!!

The school year is coming to a close! Do you see me crying? NOPE!!!! This half day Kindergarten is for the birds!!! An hour and a half in the van every day and $60 worth of gas getting back and forth to school assuming I don't drive anywhere else! Yep, I'm ready for summer vacation and then next year we get a year break from half day Kindergarten! YEAH!!! I will be doing half day Kindy every other year for the next 6 years, assuming we have no more children. Don't you wish you were me?!

On a completely different note, I have been on the search for the perfect baby wrap/carrier since Malachi was born. It isn't possible to take him and the twins out in public without having my hands free and I just can't find anything I'm really happy with. I have a front carry Infantino and its okay just a bit awkward to get on. Plus, having him directly in front of me means I can't see what I'm doing all the time. I just ordered a sling online and I'm anxiously waiting for that one but we'll see. One review I read of it was awful so I'll write my own review once I get it and use it. I do have directions to make my own "moby" sling that I'll be posting at a later date. I need to buy some jersey material for that.

Today will be busy . . . back and forth to the school 3 times, a piano lesson, running, church and the "usual" taking care of the kids. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 1, Day 6

1.82 miles in 30 minutes!! Felt good! I can see why this might get addictive! And I can't believe what a difference it makes being in a little bit better shape than I was last time!!

I drove to the east side of Indianapolis to meet mom and dad yesterday then I had two music lessons as soon as I walked in the door. Then it was homework, chores, dinner . . . you name it. I finally sat down around 8:30 and I was just ZAPPED so I didn't run yesterday. I didn't beat myself up because Couch to 5K calls for a day off between every run, I just chose not to do that. I'm afraid if I take a day off I won't jump back in. So I was determined to run today since I missed yesterday and I was really dreading it. It felt great. Hoping to break the 2 mile mark tomorrow. That is the goal.

5K in October . . . if not before!

Getting healthy, losing weight and setting a good example for my kiddos!

Monday, April 18, 2011

No More Poo!!!!

The other drastic and making a little weird thing I'm doing is I've stopped using shampoo. Yep, no more poo for me!!! So is my head stinky and dirty? Not at all! Here is what I do.

Mix approximately 2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda into about 2 cups of water. When you get in the shower, use your fingers to scrub your head a bit and lift the hair so it isn't plastered to your head from the water. Slowly pour some baking soda water onto part of your head and massage your scalp and work into your hair. Do this until you have washed your entire head and hair. Then use another 2 cups or so of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar added to rinse your hair. NO POO!!

No, your hair does not smell like vinegar when you are done. There is a faint vinegar smell while your hair is wet but it completely vanishes when your hair is dry. I had heard from those who had done it before that your hair goes through a crummy period and then softens up but I haven't even had that. My hair has been very soft since the very first wash.

Let me know if you decide to try it and what you think about it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 1, Day 4

1.7 miles in 30 minutes. It felt good today so I'm not sure why I was down .04 miles. But its done and I rather enjoyed it. (Somebody say I didn't just type that!!)

You're Making WHAT?!

One of the things I'm trying in my efforts to go a little more "natural" at our house (not sure what else to call it) AND save money in the process is making my own deodorant. Sounds strange, doesn't it? That's what I thought, too. Then I tried it. WOW!!! I'm impressed! Here is the recipe and instructions.

First, clean out an old, empty, store bought deodorant tube or get a small jar with a lid.

Mix together 1/4 c baking soda and 1/4 cup corn starch.
Work in 2-3 Tablespoons of coconut oil. (You can get 32 ounces of coconut oil at Walmart in the cooking oil section for less than $6.)
Once these 3 things are thoroughly mixed together and smooth, add 3 drops of tea tree oil and 5-10 drops of the essential oil of your choice.
Once thoroughly mixed, spoon mixture into your deodorant tube and then store over night in the refrigerator.
It will harden up in the frig so when you apply it to your underarms, apply it slowly to allow the coconut oil to soften just a bit.

VIOLA!!! Its saves money, has no harsh chemicals and IT WORKS!!!! Let me know if you try it and how it worked out for you.

P.S. It even holds up after a run!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 1 Day 3

1.73 miles in 30 minutes!

I'm so happy about that. I remember the very first time I did Week 1, Day 1 and in those 30 minutes, I don't know if I even went a full mile. And tonight when I ran, it felt good. There was a point about 1/3 of the way through where my entire body went warm and the excursion just felt good and it felt good to the end.

On the road to my first 5K!!!

Changes Changes

Now that I'm getting back in the swing of things, I've decided to make some changes around the house. A couple changes we are making is eating a whole lot more fresh fruits and vegetables and a lot less meat. Another change is WAY less sugar which is really tough on me. In addition, I'm doing ZERO eating out during the week when its just me and the kids at home. This is really tough because its difficult to force yourself to cook dinner when your husband isn't home and equally EASY to stop by and get something off the dollar menu when you pick up the kids from school. A week ago today I also started giving Elijah Barleans Omega Swirl and I've already started seeing a difference in his behavior. So I think between the dietary changes and the Omega 3 fish oil, he is being helped. I know its helping me!!

Looking forward to healthier life!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Moving

After being cleared to exercise after the birth of our 6th child, I restarted the Couch to 5 K program and my goal is to run my first 5K in Lisle this year. Its easier this time around after only a 9 month break instead of a 33 year break! Not EASY by any means but better!

Day 1 - 1.6 miles in 30 minutes
Day 2 - 1.64 miles in 30 minutes

While I'm not setting any records, this is way better than before when I couldn't even jog for 60 seconds straight without thinking I was going to die! It took me a long time to build up to a mile of walking/jogging.

So I'll be keeping track of my progress here and before I die, I'll run that full marathon!!