Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Invasion is Scheduled For TODAY!!!

The children are coming home today from Memaw and Pappy's house! I have mixed feelings. I'm ready to see them but OH MY SOUL it was so nice having the house to myself!! Boy they just keep you busy.

They did great at Memaw's house all week until this past Monday. Poor mom. Both of them got sick while there were there and she was up several nights with Lydia puking. Plus, they get up very very early at Mom and Dad's house so I know Mom has to be exhausted.

It sounds like Lydia has turned the corner with her potty training adventure and is now wearing big girl panties without peeing in them AND is getting up to go potty at night! Wooohoooooo!!! So, I'm excited at the thought that I may very well be completely out of diapers for the first time in 6 years!! What a wonderful feeling!!

Unfortunately, I was supposed to meet Mom and Dad halfway to pick up the kids on Friday but since our van is out of commission, they are driving all the way here today, staying in a hotel, and then driving back to Ohio tomorrow. I feel bad about that because I know Dad is going to be exhausted driving all day on his days off. But I praise God for such loving and generous parents. I would be lost without them.


  1. I am glad you got a break like that. I had three days kid free once, and it was like I was a different woman!

    Things that would of deeply irritated me if the kids had been with me, made me laugh hysterically.

    I am glad to hear miss Lydia is doing well with Potty training.

  2. I am jealous...I cannot get William to pee on the potty to save his life. He simply will not do it!
    He turns 3 in January and I am hoping that he will get it one of these days.
    But good for miss lydia!