Friday, October 3, 2008

So Jaded - My Commentary On The World

Many of you know that I'm a member of cafemom and I love love love it!!! It has been a tremendous help to me especially when I struggled so much with depression last year, or the last 18 months or so. BUT, I also have to be careful because the negative influence from cafemom can get to be a bit overwhelming sometimes. You can chose to interact with all different kinds of people and really get into their minds with some of the things they "say" there.

So, I made a mistake today. I posted a "question" about the Democrats and Joe Biden and how he feels that it is "patriotic" for the rich to be taxed higher and it is "fair" to tax them at a higher rate and give that money to the "poor" simply because they are "struggling". While that all sounds good and fine, it isn't Biblical at all!!! At least it isn't Biblical for the government to be TAKING the money and then redistributing the wealth. Anyway, I was so disheartened by how many moms out there are not only okay with that, but agree that it SHOULD happen. I'm so sad.

I don't care how "poor" I get in the eyes of this world, I don't WANT those who make more money than I to have to support me. What happened to working hard for a fair wage? What happened to being content with what you have? What happened to the "rich" giving of themselves to the "poor" simply because it is the right thing to do? I know. It sounds like a Utopian society but if the "rich" aren't willing to do those things on their own, they should NOT be robbed!!! Not by me or the federal government!!

It is no wonder Obama/Biden have so much support when they are holding out fists full of dollars toward a people who have no character or scruples whatsoever outside of thinking about themselves. This is not the America that my WWII veteran grandfather fought and bled for! This is not the America that my uncle gave his entire career for. This is an ugly America who has lost sight of what made her great to begin with - God, hard work, and personal integrity. I'm so saddened for the future of our country. She will collapse some day. And yet, I love her.


  1. People love the idea of the redistrubution of wealth because our society as a whole is lazy. It has become ingrianed in our society that the world "owes" them. That just because they exisit they desverve to be handed everything. No one wants to work for anything any more, they want it handed to them...thats why Obama/Biden have such support...they are offering to hand people what they think they want....

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that the Obama supporters on CafeMom are the atheists and wiccans. You notice they are all in a band together, and they are all in the non-Christian groups. I suppose they see us Christians the same way. So, the bottom line is, they don't care what the Bible says and they have no "moral compass" because they don't believe the Bible. They just believe what their liberal professors taught them.

    It's like the "free healthcare" thing. Yeah, I would love free healthcare! Who wouldn't? But the thing is, it isn't free. Someone has to pay for it, and I don't want to pay for the chain smoking pot head's kids braces. But maybe I'm just cold-hearted!

  3. I agree with you. And what's funny is that it isn't going to help out in the long run.

    Those "rich" people make jobs for us "poor" people. If they are being robbed, then they are going cut costs or let go of people.

    Even my DH's work place (who's owner owns several companies, so he would be classified as "rich") has to cut costs. No more incentives, or in office lunches.

    It's sad people have to be so greedy. I am in complete agreement with you!