Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Is Almost There!!!

This is just unbelievable to me. I posted a little while ago about Abigail's school fund raiser having started and how bummed I was that we were going to have to try and sell $2 candy. WELL, my sister in law took it on as a project and has helped Abigail sell (to date) 16 cases of candy!!! WOW!! She was just planning on the doing the minimum, 4 cases, but then she found out that if she helps her sell a total of 22 cases, Abigail gets a $150 shopping spree at the American Girl store. So she is going to do it!!! I'm so happy for Abi and so thankful to my sister in law because Daniel and I would never be able to purchase an American Girl doll for Abi.

Here is what Abigail has won so far.

Fudge bar or ice cream sandwich
bag of chips
can of pop
sundae cone
casual clothes for one day (at school)
pizza party at Chicago Dough Co.
Chicago trip
Chicago trip plus $25 spending cash
Wisconsin/Chicago trip which includes Medieval Times, Jelly Belly Factory , animal farm and more!

In addition to that, she'll win the $150 shopping spree out of the American Girl catalog once she hits that magic 22 case mark!!

16 cases down - 6 more to go!!


  1. How exciting! I am happy for her too! I will be rooting here! :)
    Which doll is she going to get?

  2. Well you know I pass the Jelly Belly factory every time I go to work....
    Hmmmm interesting!