Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Much To Say - Just Some Pictures

Some time ago, my digital camera died a sad death. It had been a very reliable and trusty camera, purchased for me by my mother approximately 5 years ago. I had publicly mourned the death of my Fuji Finepix and was recently contacted by my "real life" friend, PJAcademy. She had been GIVEN a digital camera that she didn't need and wanted to pass it along to me . . . . . . if I wanted it!! HA HA HA HA !!! Do I EVER?! So I get the camera. Its nicer than the one I had, well, because it was newer! I go buy some new batteries for it. I WORKS. All I needed was the USB cord to be able to download the pictures to my computer. Due to an unexpected refund on Elijah's winter coat (thank you, Mom) I was able to go purchase a card reader today to be able to download some of my pictures from my new, old camera, given to me, ever so graciously, by PJAcademy. Here we go - just cause I wanna brag!

This is Abigail looking pretty just because she can. Age 7.

Here we have Elijah, looking handsome and goofy, as usual. Age 4. He'll be 5 in December.

This is Lydia at bedtime after we realize she had her pajamas on inside out and she was stuck and MAD. (Please excuse her 1980's mullet. She has cut her own hair.) Age 3.

This is Hubby and Sunshine Sofie. (5 months) You might be able to imagine that I love this picture!

This is Miss Sweetness, AKA Phoebe.

And this is Thing 1 and Thing 2 together, holding hands and smiling. LOVE IT!

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  1. Your kids are just adorable! Absolutely love the pics of the twins, I remember when my girls were that little, they grow up far too fast.