Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The First Time Trick-or-Treating

In my circles, trick-or-treating is a pretty controversial issue. But setting that aside, we were able to take the children for the first time ever this year and we had so much fun!! Typically the children all attend the fall harvest party (aka - a Halloween Party) at the church but this year the harvest party was on Friday evening. Daniel didn't get home from work in time. Plus, Lydia had pink eye. So none of us got to go to the church party which was actually a hayride/cookout instead of just a children's party.

So along comes Saturday and low and behold, Elijah is puking Saturday morning. So I'm thinking no party and no trick-or-treating. Abigail, the babies, and I go bus visiting while Daniel stayed home with Lydia and Elijah just so I could get out of the house. Then we ran some errands which included going to Wal~Mart. I felt badly that the children weren't going to get to do anything for Halloween so I bought a few bags of candy and a bag of apples to make up for it. When I get home, Elijah hadn't puked all day so Daniel decides we'll go ahead and go trick-or-treating after all. This summer I had picked up a Batman costume for $1 at a yard sale just so Elijah could play with it. And I had gotten Lydia a lady bug cape to play with, also for $1. So Elijah dressed as Batman and Lydia dressed as a ladybug. Then, we put Abigail in one of her foo foo church dresses that we have stored back for her because its too big and then I pulled out my old wedding veil so she could dress as a bride. Oh, she was sooooo excited. (I also found out I could still wear my wedding dress!!)

Here are my little munchkins.

They were THRILLED. We had such a good time. It was so hilarious watching them literally RUN from house to house and I was very happy that they said "thank you" at each door. It was fun seeing all our neighbors having such a good time with the children. Elijah was running pell-mell screaming "Batman to the rescue!!!!" and Abi was, of course, a proper princess . . . except for the running. She is always so excited to be "beautiful". We saw Mr. Incredible, Captain America, a bull dog dressed as a bumble-bee. We tried to get Lydia's picture (our ladybug with their bumble-bee) but she was being too shy and didn't want to pose for it. That was okay. We also saw a small house dog dressed as a hot dog. Lydia was also very impressed with the giant gorilla she saw but would NOT touch it . . . until it walked away. THEN she wanted to "pet" him. Everybody was so friendly and we had a great time. Lydia got tired (and COLD) and eventually Daniel was walking with her from door to door holding her candy bag for her. It was a long walk for those short little legs!!! The twins and I led the pack in the stroller and a fun time was had by all. And the kids made out like bandits with all the candy they received.

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  1. Cute costumes! Looks like you all had a great time :)