Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Back on the weight loss wagon again as of this past Saturday. I had done so well. I was down 61 pounds and then I just hit a wall. Previously I was counting calories and exercising some but I got a little obsessive about the calorie counting thing. I had decided to go with a smaller plate and don't get any leftovers but that wasn't working. So I scrapped that and decided to go back to calorie counting. My clothes are getting snug and I feel heavier and I don't want that. My goal is to be at my goal weight by the end of this year so I must get started if I want to realize that.

The best thing about this is that my husband had actually started watching what he was eating before I did. He is letting me track his calories on, too. I had tried to get him to let me do that for him when I was losing weight before but he didn't want to. After lunch yesterday and seeing how many calories are in certain foods, I think his eyes are being opened a bit to how bad the food is that he was consuming. Not that my consumption was much better but it always helps to see exactly what you are putting in your body. This is just one example of comparing foods. 64 ounces of sweet tea has fewer calories than one 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew. So if you like both, which do you choose? Easy decision!!!!

My 2 largest weight loss obstacles are exercise and late evening eating. I can do really well all day long and then once 8 or 9 comes along, I want to eat EVERYTHING. And I think its more of a mental thing than an actual hunger thing. Plus, I just hate exercising. I really do. I have my Wii Fit Plus and my Jillian DVD for the Wii. I have Shred and a Leslie Sansone walking CD so I have no excuses whatsoever. I just hate it. So I'm going to have to get victory in those 2 areas. My metabolism is such that I'm going to HAVE to get in the habit of exercises. Besides, my goal is not to JUST lose weight. I want to healthy. I want to feel good. So exercising is a must if I want to actually get in shape.

I hope everybody has a great Monday and if you have any low calorie meals or snack suggestions, please post them for me!!


  1. I asked a friend about weight loss and she gave some formula to create a deficit. Yah it didn't make much sense to me but she said how many calories WERE you consuming. So I figured small breakfast McD for Lunch And Caesars for dinner. Just because IMO a restaurant is easier to guess at the calories ANYHOW I stopped counting at 3000 calories. 3000 CALORIES!!!! WOW. I probably would have had 2 snacks in there somewhere too.

    I count calories every few days. I just hate trying to figure them out based on home made food :( The smaller plate does help in my opinion too.

    As far as recipes I put any that i find and links to some web sites I have found on my weight loss blog :)

  2. That is exactly what I'm saying. Its really shocking how many calories you eat when you just eat what you want. I am going to have a new favorite dessert, though. The fat free frozen yogurt is very low calorie and I've always liked frozen yogurt. I've never found it to taste any different than regular ice cream. Satisfies my sweet tooth. AND, yogurt covered raisins - BAAAAAD!!! Won't eat those again. I ate those instead of a small piece of pecan pie. Next time I'll just have the small piece of pie!!

  3. Have you looked into Its a great site with lots of ideas and support. For snacks try the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bars. SOOO GOOD! They take care of my candy bar cravings.