Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Do You Do?

Laundry at my house is a nightmare. Now, there are several reasons for this.
#1. We are a household of 7 people, and short of creating our own nudist colony, clothes just must be worn by all.
#2. I really hate doing laundry so I'm not consistent about doing it every day like I should.
#3. We have to pay to do laundry and I don't always have laundry quarters.
#4. Everybody has waaaaaay too many clothes.

So, out of the above reasons, I can only do something about numbers 2 and 4. But before I can fix #2, I have to get caught up. While in the process of catching up, which I do periodically, I want to work on #4. I'm getting rid of clothes.

You know how it works, everybody wears their favorite out fit then its dirty. So they move on to their second choice. Then its dirty. Then they move on to their 3rd, 4th, 5th choices and on down the line until eventually people are wearing clothes they don't really care for because the clothes they really love aren't clean. Sooooooo, I'm going to get rid of the 3rd choice on down and only keep the clothes everybody loves. This will force me to keep up on the laundry and will eliminate the excessive clothing situation. I'm considering 4 church outfits and 10 casual outfits for each child. Do you think this sounds reasonable? How do you do things at your house?


  1. I purged the closets BIG TIME. Gave away oodles on Freecycle!!! We were the exact same way!!! We wore the same things over and over. We don't have a set number of outfits per kid BUT I would like to do that when we switch sizes.

    Then what I do is 2-3 loads through out the day and fold every morning. Sometimes every other. Currently have 4 loads folded on the table :) The bedding throws me off though!?! I haven't figured that one out yet. I'm weird I like everyone to have clean bedding at the same time?? ;) I'm thinking everyone gets a day. Then I am only doing one bed at a time. Don't know if that will work just yet!!

  2. Well I wanted to tackle our mountain last week. Including blankets and sheets.. it was a lot. I started Monday and did 2 loads a day. By Friday I had it all done. 10 loads down and put away. I haven't been laundry free like that since before the baby was born. Seriously, I decided I wasn't going to let it get to me anymore.
    So this is Wednesday and I just have one load to do. There will always be dirty laundry here. But if I can manage to keep it to one load a day; I am happy. I have made it almost to 1 full week!!! It's not the putting it in the washer and dryer I hate.. it's putting it away. So as soon as it comes out of the dryer I tackle it. Because if I don't; it will just sit there in a basket. You have 2 more in your family than me but it might work. I know what it feels like to have to pay to do laundry. Up until we moved in this house we had to pay. $1.50 to wash, $1.00 to dry. We always took $20 a paycheck out. We did this for almost 9 years. You just have to do what works for you. But my method of madness seems to working good for now:)

  3. Oh ya know what else seems to work for me anyhow :) I got rid of the baskets and got a crate(s) for the dirty clothes. They are not as big as the one full crate is a load.