Monday, October 26, 2009

Money and Food Stretching Tips

Here is a recent food stretching technique I've started using to try and make my meat last longer. One of our local grocery stores will periodically run a sale where ground beef is actually cheaper than ground turkey as long as you purchase packages of 3 (or 5) pounds or more. I try to catch this sale and take advantage of it. When I get home, we will take our 5 pounds of beef and divide it into 6 units making the meat that SHOULD last for 5 meals into enough meat for 6 meals.

Try it. I bet your family doesn't notice the absence of that quarter pound of ground meat and you get an extra meal from it.

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  1. Sounds like a winner to me! We buy a large calf every year and the ground beef comes in one pound packs. When I need 2 #'s I always use 1# of ground turkey to go with it, makes the ground beef go farther, and is healthier to boot! Walmart has Jenny-O ground turkey for $1.98 a # so it is a great deal! Love these frugal tips, hun, keep um coming!!!