Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Overview

Things are moving along for our family right now. We are very busy as usual but it is a good busy, most of the time!

Daniel is still working for NuWay Transportation. He has been there for just over a year and we are very happy with this company and his hours. He still works 50-60 hours a week but at least he is working during the day now instead of nighttime. He has also recently just starting working as a volleyball referee and will be getting his patch to do basketball games any time now. He had his first volleyball game last night and really enjoyed himself. He works hard and deserves this time as a referee. I think it will be good for him.

I am still staying home with the children. I have good days and bad days!!! Being a Mom is just hard work, although there are many rewards. I have been trying to acquire some students for piano and saxophone lessons but God has not seen fit to provide any students as of yet. I'm SO ready for fall to settle in and stay! I'm ready to turn off my air conditioning (thus seeing the electric bill shrink) and opening my windows for some fresh, crisp air!! Farmer's Almanac says we are supposed to have a very long and cold winter. I say BRING IT ON!!! NOW!!!

Abigail is 5 and will be 6 in about a month. She started Kindergarten this year and boy is she excited!! She asks me almost every night if she gets to go to school tomorrow and when I say "yes" she cheers. Goofy kid! We'll see how long before I'm fighting her to get out of bed!!! She is excited because she will be doing simple reading by Christmas. Abi is a very pleasant child who aims to please. She is very tenderhearted and made a profession of faith this year which pleased us all. Abigail is my favorite 5 year old little girl in the whole world!

Elijah is 3 and will be 4 in December. Goodness! He is so mischievous I think I could fill an entire page just about him!!! At the least, he keeps me busy. He is very strong willed and in the words of Frank Sinatra "I did it MY way!" I think that is his life motto!! He misses Abigail very much while she is away at school. I didn't realize how much she directed their play until she was gone! He is a busy little man with very definite ideas about how things should be done but he is my lover!! He is always ready for hugs and cuddles and kisses. He loves his momma very much. If only I could channel that love to motivate him to obey!! He is getting better and requiring less and less discipline nowadays. I feel like we "turned a corner" with him about 4-6 weeks ago but he still has his moments. He is my favorite little man.

Miss Lydia is 1 and will be 2 in about 5 weeks. What do I say about this little one? Goodness she is just a kick! She is funny. Her expressions are quirky and unique. She is strong willed but we started working with her at a much younger age than Elijah so we were able to correct her behavior more easily. She is typically very happy and talks extremely well. She is speaking in full sentences and using pronouns properly which is just astounding me to no end. She provides a lot of entertainment with her quirky and silly mannerisms. She is momma's best buddy right now and doesn't like to be away from me. She is supposed to go for an extended visit with Memaw soon and we'll see how that goes. Our big challenge with her right now is potty training. She does wonderful at home as long as she doesn't have any panties on!!! Put panties on and she thinks she has a license to piddle! We're working on it but I'm very happy with her progress.

Church is wonderful as usual. We are very involved and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm enjoying being more involved in the music ministry with doing some arrangements for the adult choir. I recently acquired a new music program on my computer (thanks mom) that will allow me to create 4 part vocals and piano accompaniments for the arrangements I've already done and any future arrangements. I also need to get the song that Daniel wrote arranged and on paper. We are in the middle of our Fall Program with a military theme right now. We are on the 82nd Airborne team and things aren't looking so good after week one! Daniel is still running his bus route which picks up approximately 40 children and brings them to Sunday School every week. The family is also back to conducting a service at a local nursing home again. I play the piano and Daniel preaches. The children also sing specials for the residents. Lydia and Elijah aren't shy at all but Abigail struggles. This Saturday she sang for the first time. She selected Jesus Loves Me.

Please stay tuned as more "stuff" will be showing up in days to come.

Happy in serving the Lord,


  1. What a story to start with..can't wait for the pictures to start

  2. You have a nice little blog here Kelly! It will be fun getting to know you a bit better through your blog. Your kids sound like they are lot of fun. ;-)

  3. Very fun Kelly! What an addicitve new habit you have....looking forward to checking in for new updates. I'll keep track of you one way or another :) Jill

  4. well done kelly!!! i think you did a great job :) you know i'll be checking in...your kids are PRICELESS in their adventures, hehe!!

  5. Hey Little girl! Your kids are sooo cute and love your blog. I can keep up with all of you and of course what Memaw and Papaw are doing! So glad you sent this to me. Keep up with the blog. I love it and love you too. Kiss the rug runners for me. Love Aunt Sheryl