Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Knew There Was a Reason I Should Have Had Dogs Instead of Children

Most of you know my children are at my parent's house for at least two weeks and I'm just loving it! I'm such a bad mom, I guess, because I'm just giddy with all this time to myself!! Abigail is still here but she is at school until noon which leaves me all morning for ME ME ME!!! Everybody I talk to is just astonished that I would allow my children to be gone from me so long but, wow, I'm just having a great time!! Abigail is getting all sorts of special priveledges and she doesn't even realize it. I'm completely enjoying my uninterrupted cafemom time. Plus, I'm getting the work done I planned on. So, why should I feel bad?! The children are having the time of their lives at Memaw's house. Elijah planted a popcorn kernal hoping to grow a "nut tree". He is frustrated that it won't grow! Miss Lydia is doing great going potty for Memaw even though she has on her "big girl" panties, something she wouldn't do for Momma.

So, I guess I'm just a bad mom because I think this extended visit is a wonderful thing all around!!



  1. I certainly don't think it makes you a bad Mom at all. There is nothing wrong with enjoying time to yourself, and I think it's good that the kids are having such a great time at the Grandparents house. Don't think you are a bad Mom at all, because you aren't. You are just enjoying the time that you have to yourself right now, and who can blame you? =)

  2. Defineatly not a bad mom... I love when my kids are away..then when they come back your refreshed and they've had a wonderful time visiting and making wonderful memories with the grandparents. :)

  3. If your a bad mom then I am My parents are watching my kids for me to go back to VA and get josh next week...I'll have 72 hours kid free...and i am counting down the days. Sometimes its sooo nice to just be me instead of being mommy. So good for you and enjoy your time.