Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fundraiser Starts At School

So, it begins! I have been dreading it! I was permanently emotionally scarred in high school because of all the fund raisers I had to participate in. Even before I birthed my first child, I DREADED the fund raisers that I knew would be coming once she hit school age.

Its here. Fund raiser starts today. I don't even know what we are selling since Abigail was home sick from school yesterday and today. I know it is a $2 "thing" this year instead of just $1 which I really hate. But what can you do? So, we are off to sell "something". UGH!! Hope Daddy is ready to take Abigail door to door!!! I did my time!!!


  1. One blessing of homeschooling. No Fundraisers!!!

  2. I hate fundraisers too. Ours always seem to be around 10-20 dollar items. I dont even do them now that I am not working. LOL

  3. Let me know whatcha selling :)
    I agree with mommy....definitely one advantage to home schooling.

    One disadvantage......keeping on schedule :)