Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Few Goals

Elijah and Lydia are staying at Memaw and Pappy's house for at least the next two weeks so I have a couple of goals. The biggest is that I want to get my apartment completely cleaned, purged and reorganized MINUS the two smallest rugrats!!! Goodness they can just tear up anything!! So, I'm going to clean then do closets, purge toys, blankets, old towels, sheets and even stuff on the walls if it is taking up living space!! LOL Who knows?! Then, I'm going to rearrange the furniture to give the children some more playing room in their bedroom. Next, is list my treadmill on craigslist to make room for my Gazelle that Mom gave to me while I was home. (Gazelle takes up less space than the treadmill.) That is a big goal but I have two weeks without Elijah and Lydia underfoot to hinder my progress.

My next goal is to get back to reading my Bible faithfully. For some reason, I was doing great for a long time. I even made it through the Mosaic Laws and Job. Then I hit Psalms!! Can somebody explain to me why I got hung up in the book of Psalms?! I've always been a strange bird! So, I'm recommitting myself to having my Bible time again.

My third goal is to make time to exercise. I have 2 weeks to get myself into the habit before the little ones get back home and I think I'll enjoy the Gazelle.

Fourth, um . . . . . . . . . . , cafemom and blogging!!!!

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