Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Journey to Fuzzy Fish

Several years ago, our church gave a goldfish to all the children who rode the bus that day. My child had ridden the bus with Daddy so Miss Abigail received a fish. Oh, yes. That fateful day we began what I will call our Journey to The Fuzzy Fish.

Now, I did not WANT the fish. But Daddy felt it was harmless to allow Abigail to keep this free goldfish so we soon became the proud owners of a 2 gallon fish tank. The deal was that I would not have to clean the tank nor be the one responsible for feeding the fabulous fish. Good luck with that.

Alas, the fabulous fish arrived at its inevitable appointment with The Great Flushing Bowl. You guessed it. It died. Of course, now we have this 2 gallon tank and no more fabulous fish to fill it! So, Nana ever so graciously decides to give us 2 more fabulous fish. These fish were a hearty breed and grew and grew and grew. Whoever stated that a fish never outgrows it's environment either lied or wasn't the one caring for the fish! So, the two new fabulous fish soon were named Moby and Dick because of rapid growth. Also, because of this rapid growth, we had to switch out fish tanks to something bigger.

Now, let me fast forward a few years. Moby and Dick are still alive. They are huge and they refuse to die. Other fabulous fish have come and gone, but I believe Moby and Dick are here to stay!

But there is one thing I haven't told you about Moby and Dick - they are carnivores and I'm emotionally traumatized by the experience! Every time we have a fabulous fish fall ill, Moby and Dick speed along the dying process by eating it! Really - truly gross. They would start at one end of our tank (now a 20 gallon tank) and swim toward the fast failing fabulous fish and take a bite along the way until the failing fabulous fish was removed from the tank for it's inevitable appointment with The Great Flushing Bowl. Really - truly gross.

As I sit here typing this story of The Journey to the Fuzzy Fish, I'm trying to ignore Moby and Dick as they take bites out of our latest victim, Scum the scum sucker. Scum died several days ago but has yet to be removed from the fabulous fish tank. His carcass, formerly black, is now hollow, fuzzy and gray with decay and constant nibbles from the very hearty, carnivorous, Moby and Dick. Deep sigh. So much for not having to take care of the fabulous fish.


  1. Ok, Kelly, that story grossed me out at the end, LOL!

    But we had a fish when I was a little girl. I think we got him when I was six. He died when I was 13 or 14. He lasted a really long time.

  2. We had a fish names Oscar when I was a kid. My dad and his friend fed it birthday cake, it died the next day. That was very emotional for me! After that I watched my friends' fish a couple times and they always died. I think I have a fish curse.