Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Forgiving God

I am but dirt. My righteousness as filthy rags. There is nothing good in me. Yet, Christ came to earth so that I could become royalty. I'm a joint heir with Jesus. That's pretty special. I do not consider the Christian life to be burdensome, most of the time. (Just being honest.) Most of the time, I consider it a joy and the least I can do for my Savior who suffered so much for me. But I fail so much. I am so weak. My sin is great. I lose control of my tongue. I am rebellious. I have a bad attitude. Sometimes, like the wife of Lot, I look back. I have doubts. I have little faith. I'm frail and unworthy.

Yet God forgives. He keeps loving. He looks at me in pity and continues to wait for me to come back to myself, thus, returning to Him. Why leave? Our church choir sings a song that I used to do as a solo. It fits my life so well.

Your love endured the cross, despising all the shame
That afternoon when midnight fell your suffering cleared my name
And that sin swept hill became the open door to paradise
Because you paid much to high a price.

Your grace inspires my heart to rise above the sin
And all the earthly vanity that seeks to draw me in
I want to tell this dying world of love that truly saved my life
A life that paid so high a price.

You paid much to high a price for me
My sin, your blood the pain
To have my soul just stirred at times yet never truly changed
You deserve a fiery love that won't ignore your sacrifice
Because you paid much too high a price.

The price my Lord paid for my soul was too high especially as I fail Him time and time again.

Yet He forgives again and again and again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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