Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, I didn't manage to put my two thankfulness posts on my blog yesterday so we'll do it right now or I'm certain it won't happen today, either.

Today we went to our local nursing home where my husband preaches once a month. We didn't go last month because we were moving that day so we were all ready to go this month. I have a couple very special residents I'm always very happy to see.

We held the service in a different room this week. While my husband was preaching, I left the room to wheel the twins around the hallways in their stroller. They were tired and I knew keeping them moving would sooth them. As I walked out of the service room, I walked past a relatively small room with a whole lot of laundry in it. In the midst of these mounds of laundry was one woman, folding and hanging all the linens, towels, and clothing of the residents of the home. WOW. And I think I've got it bad with my 7 family members and all our laundry.

I've never thought about whoever takes care of the laundry for that facility. Have you? Who else have you over looked in the places where you go? Do you notice the maintenance man or the person who took the time to spread salt on the icy sidewalk?

Illegal immigration is a big issue in our country right now and you often hear people say that illegal immigrants are the only ones willing to do "those jobs" that Americans aren't willing to do. But today, I saw that isn't always true. There are Americans still willing to do "those jobs", unnoticed and unthanked.

My second "thankful" post goes hand in hand with my first.

I really hate laundry. But I really love my washer and dryer. After having a washer and dryer for only 1.5 of the 15 years I've been gone from my parents' home, I'm so grateful and happy to have my very own washer and dryer. I don't have to feed them quarters and I don't have to lug all my laundry outside my home to get it clean anymore. YEAH WASHERS AND DRYERS!!!

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